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Jenny Yerrick Martin is a veteran entertainment hiring executive with 20+ years in film, television, and music. She has encyclopedic knowledge of the inner workings of entertainment and relishes pulling back the curtain on a largely-misunderstood industry and sharing her knowledge with students, recent grads, and others who are starting their entertainment careers or who are looking for strategies to transition to a new area or achieve more success on their current path.

Breaking into the Biz: The Insider’s Guide to Launching an Entertainment Industry Career

This book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to identifying and landing your first job in the entertainment industry, as well as setting yourself up for a satisfying and successful entertainment industry career. It walks you through creating a career strategy and getting a foot in the door of your chosen area of this often misunderstood and highly-competitive field. Even if you're not seeking your first job, this book can help you find the right next job on your path to making your industry dreams a reality.

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